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Communication is one of the key factors in a marriage; many marriage counselors even believe that communication is the foundation of a good marriage. In a fast paced world with almost unlimited options for communications, it is a wonder how couples can still have communication problems in their marriage. Many spouses believe that everyday talking is enough to count as communication, but the rising number of separation and divorce cases prove otherwise. For many who believe their marriage is worth saving, thinking about marriage counseling is one way to rebuild the connection with your spouse or partner.

A lack of communication in a marriage can result in a number of negative emotions such as anger, frustration, and resentment. Many studies have already determined the effect of a healthy communication in marriage, with spouses experiencing a more fulfilling relationship with strong empathy and intimacy between the couple. With a healthy marital communication, spouses can attain enlightenment and growth within the union that being alone can’t provide otherwise.

There are many ways that poor communication can manifest in a marriage. One is having too much competition within the union. Although a competitive nature does have its advantages in some areas of life, it can build walls that can separate partners that can be exhausting and demoralizing for both. Couples who are always fighting for superiority and dominance can break down communication. Being focused on individual goals strays away from the core of marriage: two people being together as one.

Another factor that can cause miscommunication is when spouses forget to be kind to their partners. Often, the problems and issues of everyday life can take its toil and, with couples being too familiar with each other, courtesy and politeness are often taken for granted. This could lead to unkind and hurtful words, or words that can be misunderstood by the other party, leading to derailed communication. One way to counter this is by keeping your emotions in check in order for your message to be understood clearly by your spouse.

Having open and honest communication with your spouse can lead to the feeling for safety and freedom in your marriage. Take time to consider your words and how you express them, and give your spouse time to express themselves as well. Because it takes time and practice to reconnect with your spouse, thinking about marriage counseling would help make crossing the boundaries easier and progress more effective.

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