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Hit and run accidents can lead to varying degrees of injuries, so in order to protect the victims, hit and run laws (or stop and give aid laws) are enforced to assure the victims get the necessary medical care that they need and the compensation for damages that the accident have caused them. Drivers who are involved in pedestrian collisions are required to (1) stop, (2) give their identification, and (3) provide any necessary or immediate assistance, even if they were not the one at-fault for the accident. Furthermore, according to the website of Spiros Law, P.C., victims have right for compensation, especially if the person who hit them abandons any of these duties.

State statues regarding hit and run accidents can differ. Hit and run situations that involved unoccupied vehicles or any unattended property would still require the driver to leave behind their information as well as a small description of the accident, as some state statute would demand from them. Additionally, they are to contact the local law enforcement office to inform them of the incident as soon as possible.

Likewise, there are some states that would criminally prosecute passengers who assist or support a hit-and-run driver to flee the scene. Passengers who take over the wheel to drive away can also be held liable for the accident. The state of Texas considers drivers of hit and run accidents that resulted to death or serious physical injuries can be charged with third-degree felony charges. Many Houston personal injury lawyers know how much of an impact a these kinds of car accidents can have on victims first hand through their experiences representing injured individuals.

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