Accused Domestic Abusers Deserve Fair Trials

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Domestic violence does not discriminate; according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly three in every ten women and one in every 10 men suffer from domestic abuse. These people, who have experienced any form of physical violence, rape, and/or staking from an intimate partner, have stated suffering from one or more effects of the violent behavior during and after the relationship. The trauma from domestic violence is more than physical, as victims report effects on their psychological and emotional wellbeing.

How a person deals with domestic violence can depend on a number of factors. The recurrence of the abusive situations, the extent of abuse, and the impact on physical health can influence whether the effects of domestic abuse are short term or long lasting. How a person copes with stress can also be a factor, as well as the person’s age, and their past exposure to different traumatic situations. The timing of the intervention and the length of therapy can also influence a person’s ability to deal with the effects of domestic violence.

Aside from the physical trauma, psychological and emotional trauma can cause personal and social issues to people who have been through domestic violence. They can have trouble expressing themselves, and have social anxiety that become a hindrance in everyday life. Because of the severity of the effects of domestic violence, it has been considered as a criminal offense. As the Waukehsa criminal defense lawyers of Kohler Hart Powell, SC say on their website, charges of domestic violence can greatly affect the person’s life, even if they are wrongly accused. It is therefore just as important for them to have a fair trial as victims of domestic abuse be saved and protected from their ordeal. A qualified lawyer therefore is of absolute importance in these kind of cases.

It is important for everyone to understand how to deal with it and to stop the cycle of domestic abuse. It may seem difficult, but overcoming the effects of domestic violence can be done. Through therapy and counseling, victims of domestic abuse can again lead a normal life. Time, space and the belief of safety can greatly encourage the healing and positive coping of the victim for them to start believing in themselves again, become independent and have stronger relationship with themselves and other people.

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Is an Oil Company Eyeballing Your Land?

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Many landowners are rather uninterested in minerals and other related matters until they receive a notice of interest from an oil or gas company asking for lease on their mineral rights. Gas and oil companies ask for lease for mineral rights because of the possibility of finding gas or oil on your land. In order to “harvest” the gas and oil reserves, the company would have to secure an Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease from you, the property owner.

The way the Lease works is pretty straightforward. The property owner will be paid an up-front lease bonus together with royalty percentage on the value of production, in exchange of permitting the oil and gas company to drill and produce. Drilling often occurs, but there are some cases where drilling is not done until the lease merely expires. If you are trying to sell mineral rights, you have to also make sure that the owner of the surface rights is aware of your plans for selling or leasing.

There are instances where the surface owner is different from the mineral rights owner, so even if you lease your mineral rights, they may still have to ask permission from the surface rights owner to drill. This can be complicated, which is why before trying to sell mineral rights, you should also consider the surface rights owner, especially if the property rights have been severed. Any damage that is related to surface use is compensated. In order to avoid being cheated on your land is by hiring the help of professionals who can provide advice regarding sharing ownership and the significance of severed property rights.

In general, the mineral rights owner has more authority regarding the property, nevertheless the surface owner still have the right to prevent negligent and unreasonable use of their part of the land. Likewise, the mineral owner should adjust to any existing use of surface. In general, the surface owner has the right to ensure that the surface is not negligently used and existing use is effectively accommodated to minimize damages.

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